Ultrasonic Tightness testing  of vessels hatches has following benefits:
  • Avoid cargo damaging by water ingress.
  • The vessel’s hatches tightness it is also important when cargo is fumigated on board the vessel in order to not loose gas for the efficacy of fumigation and for the crew safe.
  • Ultrasonic testing is a quick and easy means of testing, and no assistance from the ship’s crew is required other than for supervision and safety.
  • Ultrasonic testing is a ‘dry’ testing method without the risk of damaging water sensitive cargo or causing pollution of the dock, river or sea water.
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment can be used in loaded or empty holds, which in certain cases allows repairs to covers during loading and checking of repairs during or after the loading period, but prior to going to sea.
  • Ultrasonic equipment can safely be used under all weather conditions (even with sub-zero temperatures).

Cotecna Romania SRL has the approved equipment and the expert - certified as "Qualified Operator for ultrasonic tightness testing of hatches with the Class Type Approved Sherlog SDT"

The updated certified operators list is available on http://www.sdt.eu/pdf/CofQweblist.pdf