Location & services

Romania’s lung and, at the same time, its main Black Sea port – ranked just after Rotterdam, Anvers and Marseille – Constanta Harbour is actually Europe’s south-eastern entry port. Placed at the crossroads of the commercial routes that not only link Eastern Europe to Western Europe but also North Africa to the Middle East and Asia, Constanta lies on the western coast of the Black Sea, 185 miles far from Bosphorus.

The port can be easily accessed due to the weak currents of the sea that facilitate commercial operations. It is the only Black Sea port that can receive over 165,000 DWT ships. With a total processing capacity of 85 million tons a year, an area of over 3,600 hectares, a 28.5 km long wharf and 133 loading/ unloading berths, Constanta Harbour can operate all kinds of ships and goods. Our company is able to provide a wide range of services related to inspections upon incoming/ outgoing commodities as well as maritime surveys, covering the Romanian Black Sea and Danube river ports as well as inland locations. As most of the issues arise with the quantity and/ or quality of contractual deliveries we can always keep you on the safe side by certifying the parameters of inspected cargo.

Cotecna Romania SRL, through its young and dynamic staff, operates with most of the traded commodities, from minerals (ferrous and non – ferrous ore, steel products, dry chemicals, coal, cement) to agricultural (grains, seeds, meals) and industrial products, assisting our customers to the best of our knowledge and ability in order to minimise their liability exposures.