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Cotecna Inspection S.A. acquires Timex Surveyors SRL

Cotecna Inspection S.A. is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Timex Surveyors SRL, Romania.

Timex is one of the leading inspection and testing companies in Romania. Specialized in providing agricultural, fumigation, fertilizer, mineral and metal services, it operates out of its headquarters in Constanta, and various strategic locations in the country. Supported by more than 100 highly skilled professionals, a state of the art ISO17025 laboratory, and mobile testing units, Timex offers a comprehensive coverage in the #1 Black Sea port, Constanta, and Romania as a whole.

After 18 years of close collaboration, this acquisition comes naturally and in line with Cotecna strategic development plan. Joining forces with Timex will allow Cotecna to benefit from a strong presence in Romania and further expand its presence in the Danube region. In addition to existing strong capabilities in Odessa, Rostov and Novorossiysk, this transaction also reinforces Cotecna as a leading surveyor in the Black Sea area.

“I am very pleased to welcome Timex Surveyors into Cotecna. Timex is recognized as a top-quality service provider in Romania and this acquisition further reinforces our presence as the best agriculture inspection and testing company around the Black Sea, which is one of the fastest growing agriculture markets in the world. This in line with our ambition to become a prime global provider of inspection and testing solutions to the agriculture sector.”

Said, Sebastien Dannaud, Managing Director at Cotecna Inspection S.A.

“Teaming-up with a global leader that will support business continuity and development locally and regionally, will allow Timex to maintain a high level of service delivery in an ever-changing competitive environment”

Said, Adrian Butuca, CEO at Timex Surveyors SRL CEO

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